Funnel Cloud and Tornado, North Essex, 4th July 1997
Photographs taken from an ASK-13 Glider at Ridgewell Airfield


Just released from a winch launch. Height @1200' agl looking SE. Funnel cloud can be seen on right of view
Gentle turn to the left. Funnel cloud has travelled from W to E
Ten minutes later, back on the ground. Rotating cloud fragments could be seen extending downwards from base of the funnel cloud
Over the next 10 minutes or so the funnel cloud extended groundwards to produce a tornado. Again, using binoculars, cloud fragments could be seen rotating around the core cloud
The entire episode lasted for some 30 minutes with @ 4 or 5 funnel clouds being 'spawned' on the downwind edge of the cloud and then travelling from west to east. Only one of these was observed to reach the ground
Weather chart for 4th July 1997 (don't forget to set the date!)
Essex Gliding Club
381st Bomber Group who flew from Ridgewell in WW2
Ridgewell Airfield Commemorative Association (includes 90 Squadron RAF)
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