And finally...some resources

Books to help you

Meteorology and Flight Tom Bradbury              A&C Black      £15.99

Understanding Flying Weather  D. Piggott       A&C Black      £9.99

Meteorology for Glider Pilots    C.E.Wallington John Murray (out of print)

Air Riders' Weather                 Alan Watts        A&C Black      £14.99

Sailplane & Gliding                   Regular weather articles by Tom Bradbury

Internet Sites to guide and inform

Weatherjack                         http://www.itadvice.co.uk/weatherjack/STARS.htm

AvBrief                                    http://www.avbrief.com/

Ant Veal's Weather Site           http://www.greatweather.co.uk/

Roger Brugge's Weather Site    http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~brugge/

Epping Weather Site (My site!) http://www.eppingweather.co.uk

Spotting that Perfect Day (April to September in England)

(Based on articles by Tom Bradbury and Ann Welch)

Air moving in from a colder (usually a more northerly) region

Dry ground

Rising pressure

The wind is not above 1520 knots at 2000

When the isobars have anticyclonic curvature e.g. near the crest of a ridge of high pressure or ahead of an approaching high

If the difference between the forecast overnight minimum temperature and the maximum for the following day is at least 10degC. Cloud base equals air temp minus dew point times 400

Good sign in April/May is frost on previous night

The pressure is not less than about 1008mb or more than 1032mb (too high = blue days)

Little or no high cloud cover

The sun will be high for a good number of hours, as from April to August

Good visibility-beware summer haze East Anglia with winds between ENE and SE

Lasham stats suggested that southerly winds were bad for cross-countries while winds with a northerly component produced the best days. Nevertheless stats from a larger  number of clubs show that the odds (for a Diamond day) with south-easterlies are actually quite good. The reason may be that winds off the continent bring drier air which gives good thermals once the air has recovered from its cold crossing of the Channel and southern North Sea. (Essex too far E-onshore coast?). Light and variable winds can also give good days May to July.

The origin of the air is more important than the actual wind direction

Happy Soaring!